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Fruity Spring

Oh hello there Spring…

Hello Spring

Spring has officially arrived. I’m excited to incorporate more color into my dark wardrobe of black on black. I love spring colors – so soft with the array of fresh pastels. I came across these fruit spring art that I completely adored. For those that know me, I do have globophobia, but these actually don’t bother me. I love them – they are so fruity fresh. Here is a glimpse…

Hello SpringHello SpringHello SpringHello SpringHello Spring

{images via Pinterest}
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hello. My new #instalove for this week is Spoon Fork Bacon {@spoonforkbacon}. A few years ago, I discovered this amazing food blog. The recipes were so diverse, delicious, and unique. The food photography is beyond phenomenal. It’s one of the best food blogs out there. I now follow them on instagram to be reminded to visit the blog and be inspired by these fabulous recipes. #yum

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This is Seattle Scene. eat. v8. Hello again.  The duo is back, myself {Stephanie} and my friend {Savanna} continue to share our experience of the Seattle restaurant scene. We are at our 8th edition now {see original blog post – Seattle scene. eat v1}. Our assignment is to try out new restaurants and see what the current and future design trends are in the Seattle market. We are looking from a designer’s point of view, but the food is a nice bonus. We thought we would mix it up a bit and revisit an oldie, but goodie.  We are calling this Seattle – Throwback Thursday edition. I actually have been to REVEL many times and love the food and space. This was {Savanna’s} first time. Here is a glimpse of our REVEL experience.



REVEL opened it’s doors in 2010.  Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi are the culinary geniuses behind the Korean/French food fusion.  They also own Joule – a sister restaurant in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. When you walk into Revel, it’s like walking into a secret food society. The interior of the space is so unexpected.  I love when the exterior and interior don’t exactly talk to each other and create an element of surprise for the diner. The space has walls in shades of gray and pop artwork are expressed throughout the space.  Wood banquettes surround the long interior space and the long butcher-block table connects the chefs to the guests and acts as the focal point of the space. REVEL creates an ultra-cool vibe, with the music (90’s rap that night), seeing the chef’s in action, and the effortlessly modern interior, and the food is absolutely amazing.  That night we ordered the potato+ leek, gruyère – truffle dumplings, Parsnip & yam, tamarind yogurt, mint-pear chutney pancake, Short rib, sambal daikon, mustard green rice bowl and the ‘Tofu Plate‘ as dessert, which basically was Crème fraiche panna cotta, pickled rhubarb, burnt honey. Everything was amazing.  REVEL is such a gem and the diner experiences a unique food adventure.

Revel Seattle

We hope you enjoyed the Seattle – Throwback Edition. To see a glimpse of our experience at the Chef’s bar, we have put together a quick little video for you. Enjoy (with sound). Until next time….{Stephanie} + Guest {Savanna}.

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hello. Nashville


Seattle to Nashville. Earlier this year, my friend {Chelsea} was trying to decide where she wanted to celebrate her birthday. Last year we celebrated her birthday in New York {See blog post} This year her city pick was NASHVILLE. We were just in Nashville earlier this week for 3 nights and 4 days.  The weather was amazing and the state of Tennessee was charming. We felt that Southern hospitality.  Here is a glimpse of where we stayed, what we saw, what we ate, and where we shopped…


We stayed in East Nashville in a charming carriage house behind this residence. We adored the houses in the neighborhood. Porch seating is definitely a trend that we saw. We couldn’t have stayed in a better place. It was so comfortable and convenient to be close to all the amazing restaurants and local bars.  We were thrilled to have the little white Fiat during our stay. It was cute to drive and so convenient to park.

Nashville. Night 1

Nashville Nashville

We arrived at the Nashville airport late evening. We picked up our car, checked in to our Airbnb carriage house and let to experience the nightlife the Nashville nightlife.  Our first stop was No308 – a trendy late-night hangout with mid-century modern decor and patio seating.  This is definitely a place where the hipsters hang out.

Nashville. Day 2

Nashville NashvilleNashville

It was a beautiful Sunday morning.  We started the day in the Belmont-Hillsboro area and had coffee at Bongo Java. The coffee was perfection that Easter morning. I was on hiatus with coffee for a minute and the first sip was amazing. We strolled through the neighborhood and walked the Belmont University campus.  We drove back to East Nashville and had lunch at The Pharmacy a burger joint with picturesque outdoor seating and beer garden.


Later that day, we strolled through Cumberland Park, an urban park with amazing landscaping.  We quickly ventured to the “Nashvegas” strip during sunset.

Nashville. Day 3

Nashville Nashville Nashville

Nashville Nashville

The next morning our first stop was East Nashville’s Barista Parlor.  It’s a hidden gem where an old mechanic garage shop was converted into a urban, hipter coffee shop. As a Seattlite who knows coffee, I can say that this Nashville coffee shop also knows coffee. They brew coffee as it was meant to be brewed. It’s a very, hip fun place to start your morning and people watch.  If you ever visit Nashville, this is a place that shouldn’t be missed. Order the Pop waffles. You will thank me later.


We drove to Franklin, Tennessee and visited The Nail Bar. The Nail Bar is not your ordinary nail salon. This place is so chic, like a modern bar with a cool vibe. The staff wore all black like MAC makeup artists.  Honestly, this place gave me the absolute best gel manicure and I’m a girl who gets plenty of manicures.

Nashville Nashville

Nashville Nashville Nashville

We later wandered back to the Belmont/Hillsboro area. This particular street was filled with cute boutiques both modern and vintage.  We loved Imogene + Willie. The vibe of this store is so cool. What once was an old car service station is now a boutique filled with charm and character.

Nashville Nashville

We went to the Peter Nappi showroom.  This place is THE leather place. This showroom was built in the shell of a former industrial boiler room. The space is magnificent and you will leather showcased in such a beautiful way.  We wanted to live in this space.

Nashville Nashville

We visited the Hatch Show Print Studio and Gallery.  This is one of the oldest letter print shops in America.

Nashville Nashville

We ended our night dining at Lockeland Table and having drinks at Pinewood Social.  These are 2 – must go-to places.  The day was perfection.

Nashville. Day 4 (Last day)


On our last day, we found ourselves at Barista Parlor again. We absolutely loved this place. Here is a quick montage…

Thank you Nashville. We will see you again soon!

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Seattle Scene. eat. v3

This is Seattle Scene. eat. v3. Hello again. The duo is back. Myself and guest blogger {Savanna} try a new Seattle hot spot for our reoccuring feature – the Seattle Scene. At the firm that we work at, we are part of a team that researches/markets Hospitality {restaurants, hotels, spas}. Our assignment is to try out new restaurants and see what the current and future design trends are, especially in the Seattle market {see last blog post – Seattle Scene. eat v2}. We are looking from a designer’s point of view, but the food is a nice bonus. Last Saturday we ventured to Wallingford and dined on Lake Union at Westward.


Seattle Scene. eat. v3 - Westward

Located 47° 39′ N / 122° 19′ W – the new restaurant Westward opened September 3rd. {Savanna} and I went for a late Saturday night dinner. We’ve been hearing the online buzz about Josh Henderson’s new duo opening – Westward + The Little Gull Grocery {the joint cozy oyster bar}. Josh Henderson, Skillet founder, went all out nautical for the overall vibe of Westward. We walk in and we immediately are like little kids with no attention span, we find ourselves looking at the decor of the space and try to take it all in. The bar (pictured above. photograph by Suzi Pratt) has a diorama feel. Electric Coffin, a local art studio created the design of the bar and also designed the back wall of the oyster bar {not pictured}. It’s definitely an ice breaker/conversation piece, whatever you want to call it. We definitely found ourselves nostalgic of our elementary days where we made dioramas in art class. The barstools were very cozy and fit perfectly with the button-tufted design similar to a captains chair. {Savanna} and I exchanged childhood stories during dinner.

Seattle Scene. eat. v3Seattle Scene. eat. V3

From the matchbooks to the business cards to the “crew”, the nautical theme is carried throughout. We loved the yacht club vibe. Matthew Parker, designed both spaces, which was inspired by a “Lazy beachy Hamptons feel”. We felt he executed it well. Every where you turn there is something amazing to look at – the attention to nautical detail is perfection. We absolutely adored the whimsical humor – from the artwork of all the famous captains to the oyster bar signage with a Jay-Z twist. Love. This would be an ideal spot for a date. You might not have anything to talk about, but you definitely can talk about the restaurant design.

Seattle Scene. eat. v3

What we noticed the most was the variety in the space. At times restaurants can feel crowded, with Westward there was a spacious flow with a varied layout of seating. Structural log supports broke up the space. The restaurant is illuminated with drum nautical fixtures as well as industrial style cage lighting shown above. The space felt comfortable and non-pretentious.

What did we order?

Seattle Scene. eat. v3Seattle Scene. eat. v3

We ate sailor chic. We started with oysters and our main entree was the Branzino with a squash side. It was wonderful. We loved dining and looking out to the water. It was a nice end of summer night and people were dining outside. Westward has one of the best outdoor patios.

Seattle Scene. eat. V3

Seattle Scene. eat. v3

A perfect date spot – twinkly lights by the water – sipping wine on Adirondack chairs – it couldn’t get more “romantical”. We recommend it and we might have noticed a few people on first dates.

Seattle Scene. eat. v3

We wanted to say that the “crew” at Westward were so friendly and excited about the space. We love getting their point of view. We met Kristen Guest, our server, she was wonderful and we appreciated her taking the time to tell us about the design of the space. We also met David and Brian who know oysters very well. They gave us the lowdown about the restaurant design and informed us that there was more to come – fire pit, map on ceiling of the oyster bar, and brunch coming soon. It’s all a work in progress.

We loved Westward. It was quite nautical chic. We will definitely spread the word to our friends. Until next time…


Stephanie {designer + blogger}


Savanna {designer + guest blogger}

Ps. Purse cleats? Yes.

{Images by Suzi Pratt + Stephanie de Villa}


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Portland Scene. eat. v1

Hello. For those that don’t know, my friend {Savanna} and I have a little Hospitality Research project that we have been working on for a month and will continue to do so this year.  Our project is mostly focused in Seattle, but sometimes we like to add other cities to the mix.  Our assignment is to try out new restaurants and see what the current and future design trends are. Last Saturday, we ventured down to Portland – one of our favorite cities.  Please note this is not a “Foodie Blog”. Our objective is to give design facts of the who, what, where, when & why. We would like to welcome you to our first Portland “segment” – Portland Scene. eat v1.


Grain & Gristle

Grain & Gristle

You will find Grain & Gristle in the NE Prescott area of Portland.  We wanted to try a new neighborhood, well new to us and try a new place for our first stop in Portland. {Savanna} and I  went to Portland for MusicFest NW to see The Head and the Heart. Boutique shopping and Portland brunch was a bonus.  We leaned on the recommendation of Eater’s PDX edition and try one of the Eater 38 Restaurants.  Eater 38 is a list of hot restaurants that Eater online puts out every couple months. Grain & Gristle was on the list. Owners Alex Ganum, Ben Meyer, and Marcus Hoover opened Grain & Gristle in 2011 with the hopes in  opening a comfortable neighborhood restaurant. We saw the website and the interior space of the restaurant appealed to us. The images showed a very relaxed, modern rustic setting. From that, we made our decision.

Grain & GristleGrain & Gristle

We walked into the space and immediately felt a relaxed comfortable vibe.  The restaurant was not busy because we came at an odd time – 2pm.  What did we see and what were our thoughts?  We saw a cabin like rustic feel with cage lamps, Edison light bulb fixtures, mason jars, & Wine bottle water jars.  All very popular trends right now.  The U-shaped maple bar with a live-edge detail is the focus of the space and allows for that casual socializing. Wall to wall wood plank booths flank both sides with mix and match wooden chairs, but all unified with a rustic look and feel. The website did show exposed beams which definitely adds great character to the space. On Saturday we noticed the beams were covered.

Grain & GritleGrain & GristleGrain & Gristle

As we know, Portland takes brunch very seriously.  The reputation and or trend is definitely farm to table. All local high quality ingredients with a German flair.  This place is definitely known for their beer selection.  No beer for us that day though. What did we order?  Cucumbers, beets, summer berries, chevre, mint and 2 Sunny Side up Eggs for Savanna and I ordered B.E.L.T on brioche with potato terrine.  Absolutely delicious. For me personally, the B.E.L.T- was cooked to perfection and one of the best I have ever had.

Grain & Gristle

Our Portland trip was short, but sweet. We definitely will be there again in no time. We love our assignments of discovering the new and up-and-coming restaurants and exploring restaurants that have been around and been able to hold their own.  Keep Portland weird. Until next time.

ps.  Pursehooks? Yes.