Graphics + Website // The Jack of the Trades

Hello. I wanted to share what I have been working on for the past 2 weeks. I actually partnered with my own partner / husband. I’m so proud of him because he started his own company. His company is called The Jack of the Trades. He is “Jack” and he is the Master of all – he markets the “handyman” business and helps get their websites to the top of Google Search engines. He is your neighborhood Marketer. If you are in the Seattle area, contact him and he will help “BUILD” your business.

We collaborated and I designed his brand and website. He is “Jack” so we were inspired by a monochromatic card deck we had at our loft and designed a logo to be a modern profile of the one-eyed Jack. We wanted the color scheme to be simple and stayed with black and white and elevated it with touches of gold. To mix it up and stay true and authentic to his brand and his clients we wanted to add the kraft paper look to go back to roots of “handmade + craftsman” as a connection to his own clients and their industry. Loved working on this project. We designed the logo, package folder, stationary, business card and website. Here is a glimpse…

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