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This year has been so crazy. We all know this! Sparkle is the New Black has definitely been put on the back burner. The reality is that I have been working on such great projects with amazing clients and I have not had the time to share any of the graphic work. I’ve been playing the heads downa and focus game.

Early March, I was contacted on my instagram account @sadvdesign from a fellow Seattleite. My client had searched the hashtag #seattlegraphicdesigner and she found me. Her brand is Moon Room and she was looking for a designer to design custom t-shirts for her brand. The theme was “KEEP GOING” and the idea was an individual in the “desert” and just has to keep going to reach the “oasis”. She wanted the elements incorporated into the design: +camel +cacti +crystals and the +eye with an 80’s color vibe. I loved the concept and I always embrace these fun and unique projects. I provided two options for her and shared how it would look with a white color t-shirt and a black color t-shirt.. Here is a glimpse….

Option 1

Option 2

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