Black Friday

Happy Black Friday the Sparkle is the new Black way. I love a monotonal black look from head-to-toe with a little edge. I love how you can make a timeless and modern statement with an all black ensemble. A few rules I like to follow when rocking the all black look: 1. Texture 2. Fabrics – choose the right fabrics for the season 3. Fit – black is already flattering so go with a more tailored look rather than wide and baggy 4. Details matter – pick accessories that make a statement with your all black look and 5. Top/Bottom – keep it simple with your hair or just a bold lip and the shoe makes all the difference.

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The Wedding Graphic Suite

photo by @TiarraSorte

November 16, 2019 – The best day of my life.  I’ve missed you. For the past year, I’ve been planning a wedding – my own. I must say I really enjoyed the planning process and part of that process was doing all the graphics for my wedding – I wouldn’t have it any other way.  For those that know me, I have a love for astrology. The stars were certainly aligned when my Sagittarius self met my person, who happens to be a Leo. We are both fire signs and very compatible.  He also has a love for astrology at an even deeper level.  Astrology played a very important role in the design of our Wedding invitation graphic suite.  I would love to share it with you….

The Wedding Invitation Suite

Three words to describe the theme of our wedding Modern | Vintage | Romantic and with a touch of Beastie Boy. For those that know my husband – it makes sense.  All black and white graphics with gold touches.  Since astrology is something that my husband and I are both into we wanted to incorporate our zodiac signs into the invitation and design a unique tarot card with symbols of our own personal relationship.

The Wedding Graphic Journey

The Save the Date was our teaser and hinted at the theme of our wedding. Myself pictured in a dress and stilettos with my husband in a full on Adidas track suit.  We love the juxtaposition.    The Save the Date tells our story how it all started back in St. Anne’s when he was in 1st grade and I was in Kindergarten.

The Rehearsal dinner invite carried the same theme of Black and White. On the front of the invitation were our zodiac constellations of the Sagittarius archer and the Leo the Lion.

I really loved designing every detail of our Wedding graphic suite.  It was so personal and so us!  For those that live in the Seattle area,  we worked with a local printing press to print our custom invitations – Perfect PressThe quality was amazing and the results were that luxe feel that we desired.  For both the Save the Date and Rehearsal Dinner invitation – we had our custom design printed by Artifact Uprising. All design by SADV | design .

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What’s your sign?

Hello. Are you still there? I’m still here and I’ve missed you. It’s been ages since I’ve blogged. Honestly life has been busy. I work at an agency that keeps me busy 9-5, been working on some amazing projects, collaborated with the best clients, and also planning a November wedding.  Life is good, but busy.  For those that know me, I have a love for astrology. I’m enlightened more and more each day with what the planets and stars tell us.

So I collaborated on another project with my fiance. Our first project was The Astrological Wheel. Now we are diving a little deeper and we developed posters that focuses on each sign with a healing aspect for Spirit – Energy – Soul.  

Spirit shares the sign’s healing gems and stones, Energy focuses on healing herbs and spices, and Soul shares thoughts and wisdom that feed the soul.  Here is a little glimpse of each sign…


Pantone color of the year // 2019

Pantone just announced the Pantone Color of Year for 2019 – Live Coral. Live Coral {16-1546} is a peachy shade of orange/pink with a golden undertone.  The color embraces warmth, energy and a desire to connect with nature.

The color was selected based on forecasts from fashion, beauty, art, architecture and other areas of design. What people wear, buy and post on social media also influences the selection of the color. The color exudes optimism and intimacy which is so applicable in our wardrobe and in our lives. Here is a glimpse of the color “Live Coral“…

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The Astrological Wheel

I wanted to share my latest project: The Astrological wheel. This project is very special to me because I collaborated with my love on this project.

This is how we describe this project:  Astrology can be confusing. We have taken the big picture of ancient Cosmology, Astrotheology and Esoteric truths and compounded them on to one straightforward, modern infographic poster. This chart depicts the yearly path of the sun along the ecliptic- beginning in Aires (right ascension of meridian; the Ram). We are the microcosm of the macrocosm, so each poem that I wrote is in hopes that we can draw vivid parallels between the two. Meditation on this chart will grant you a major key on your own beautiful pathway towards the abundance of Love, Life and Light. Here is a glimpse of the posters we created…


Posters are on sale through Etsy and SADV |

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graphics // honeybombe

It’s Friday! Friday the 13th. I’ve so missed blogging. The reason for my absence is that I’ve been so fortunate enough to stay very busy on all these amazing projects.  I love the clients that I work with and the projects I do. Recently, I partnered with my client {Angela} to brand her fabulous beauty company HONEYBOMBE.  The brand exudes modern, sophistication and a touch of girly and sparkle. I wanted to share a style/brand guide I created for her. Here is a glimpse of HONEYBOMBE….


HoneyBombe 2

HoneyBombe 3

HoneyBombe 4

HoneyBombe 5

HoneyBombe 6

HoneyBombe 7

HoneyBombe 8

Front and Back cover


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Hello Austin, TX

Keep Austin Weird – is the motto that you see everywhere in Austin, which is similar to it’s sister PNW city Portland. I spent the weekend in Austin with my good friend {Jennifer) – Girls trip!  Austin is similar to Portland in many ways – very eclectic, food truck scene, street art, bi-polar weather and growing millennial population. Very similar and unique in their own way.  With Austin everything seems very shiny and new in terms of hangouts like bars and restaurants.  It’s a very young and new city where cool restaurants will pop-up in strip malls. We had an amazing time and experienced what Austin has to offer. I would love to come back for SXSW one year.  Here is a glimpse of our Austin trip…

Our cute AirBnb


For brunch we went to this cute restaurant – Elizabeth Street Cafe – a casual yet upscale Vietnamese restaurant and bakery. Very cute and trendy.  Loved the interior – intimate and exterior seating.

The rest of the day was spent shopping and taking photos of all the cute murals. We spent most of the day on Congress Ave which is a great place to people watch, grab a bite to eat and shop at all the eclectic boutiques. Also the mural game is very strong on this street.


I’ll be honest. We didn’t take one photo on Saturday. We went to this cute little brunch place called Hillside Pharmacy (reminded me of Ballard in Seattle) and had facials  and lounged around and ended our day at this place called The Peached Tortilla. The asian fusion scene seems to be very big in Austin.


On Sunday, we started our day a little earlier for a nice brunch at Tiny Boxwood – this place was so cute and reminded me of Napa. We then walked around Austin’s Lady Bird Lake and then we said our goodbyes {Jen} back to San Francisco and I headed back to Seattle.

Until next time Austin. xoxo – SADV