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TGIF. I love Fridays!

Just a few notes…

a few summer street looks to obsess over

hosting a bachelorette party? see these chic favor ideas for only $1. What!?!?!

graphic eye candy alert!!! check out the work of Hattie Stewart and her work for Wonderland Magazine.

who are the 50 most powerful women in the world (according to Forbes)

a netflix for fonts actually exists. fontstand – try and rent fonts for a month.

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makeup monday // beauty by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Happy Makeup Monday!  One thing I have always thought is that the Marc Jacobs beauty collection packaging is so fabulous! It’s a combination of my two favorite things beauty + graphics {brand}. I love it. A company in NY – ESTABLISHED created the Marc Jacobs beauty packaging.  They described the concept as a “line of beautiful, fluid shapes in a high shine inky black lacquer finish. The sensual, complex curves of the products and unexpected proportions result in a collection that is both simple and thoroughly modern. Every detail was meticulously considered from the ultra thin frame-around mirrors to the layout of the makeup or an oversized button. Here is a glimpse of the collection…

Marc Jacobs BeautyMarc Jacobs BeautyMarc Jacobs BeautyMarc Jacobs BeautyMarc Jacobs Beauty

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project 2015 // wk. 022 // insta-art

Richard Prince

 //wk. 022 //

Hello. project 2015 continues and we have reached wk. 022. project 2015 showcases a different photo filter/style weekly. This week I read about artist Richard Prince and his Instagram art. There has been much controversy over his art because he has been taking photos from other people’s Instagram accounts and blowing them up on canvas and selling them for $100K.  A little funny / a little genius.  This week I am taking inspiration from Richard Prince; I asked a few friends to tell me which Instagram was their own favorite on their own personal account. I selected a few of my own favorites too! Here is a glimpse of the Instagram art gallery I would create…

Richard PrinceRIchard PrinceRichard PrinceRichard PrinceRichard PrinceRichard PrinceRichard Prince

Richard Prince

Richard Prince

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A little Memorial Day shopping…

Memorial Day

As my friend {Rebecca} would say, “DANGER, DANGER”. Shopping can be very dangerous. There will be many sales this Memorial Day Weekend. I have already scouted the online stores and selected my favorite sale items. Love these items so so so much! Happy Memorial Day shopping!

1.   Wilfred Tandis T-Shirt | Aritzia   2.  Lucette Ring | Kalaki Riot  3. Claudia Walnut Wood Sunglasses | Woodzee  4.  Double Strap Heeled Sandals | Zara  5.  Blush Pouch | Baggu  6.  Oasis Rose Jacquard Skirt | Asos

I heart long weekends


Love this!

Cheers to long weekends!  Go to a music festival, enjoy a nice brunch with friends, go for a long walk, eat a popsicle, watch soccer or hockey, take a road trip somewhere, bake cupcakes, rent a canoe, take care of things you have been putting off, sip an iced latte, go fly a kite, or even go camping. Enjoy your weekend and just don’t work. 

{Image via Pinterest}

king of pop

Andy Warhol

We all know the American artist Andy Warhol {August 6, 1928 – February 22, 1987} and his amazing art. Warhol lead the visual movement known as POP ART. He screen printed images of famous pop icons, soup cans, and high heels and they were all the rage. Lately I’ve been pinning a lot of his work and I thought I would share my favorites with you.

Andy WarholAndy WarholAndy WarholAndy WarholAndy WarholAndy WarholAndy WarholAndy WarholAndy WarholAndy WarholAndy Warhol


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makeup monday // mad men

Mad Men

good-bye Mad Men

It is the end of an era. Last night we said farewell to our beloved show Mad Men.  I have always loved Mad Men for its graphics, music, fashion, + beauty. Lana Horochowski was the makeup artist for the show and gave us amazing 60’s inspired looks. Loved Betty’s two unique looks – her stay-at-home look and her going out/evening look. Betty has a classic beauty, very natural with sheer foundation and black liner and simple mascara.  Evening Betty has a thicker liner and brighter lipstick that always coordinates with her outfit. Joan is always put together with a hint of sexy and sassy. Her eyeliner is more dramatic and it’s all about the lashes. You would think she would go more red with her lips, but actually her lip color is always soft. The look of Peggy is young and fresh-faced with her clean and natural makeup. Megan has a little bit more of an edgy look. Her makeup is always up-to-date with the current beauty trends and always high-fashion. Lastly, we can’t forget little Sally. We watched little Sally grow up on the show and see her look transform into a little lady. Here is a glimpse of my favorite Mad Men looks…

Mad Men

Mad Men

 Mad MenMad MenMad MenMad MenMad MenMad MenMad MenMad Men