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Airbnb Instagram


hello. My #instalove for this week is Airbnb {@airbnb}. I love all the photos posted of people’s personal homes and scenic views around the world. I mean, obviously the goal is to put out little photo teasers so people will travel to these various cities and stay in these places. It’s definitely working! Some of the places featured in these pics are Mexico, Venice – both California and Italy, Tennessee, Iceland, Spain, France, Colorado, and Japan. Love it. Makes me get the travel bug. I’m planning on going to Europe this October so this gets me super excited! So travel more and see the world! #travel


makeup monday // spring cheeks

Lorac Unzipped Cheek Palette

Hello and Happy Makeup Monday!  My new love and obsession is Lorac’s Unzipped Cheek Palette.  I can’t wait to get this palette for Spring. This 4 color blush palette is the essential for Spring. Underrated, Unshamed, Unapologetic and Unimaginable are the names of the four hues of blush. Love this palette, because I’ve been hearing that the blush stays on for more than 8 hours. How wonderful is that?!  The colors are so fresh and perfect for spring. There is a perfect blend of cools and warm tones and subtle shimmer.  This is a limited-edition palette so get it before it’s gone. LOVE.

Lorac Unzipped Cheek Palette


project 2015 // wk. 009 // clone

clone photography

Hello. project 2015 continues and we have reached wk. 009. I’m really loving project 2015 which showcases a different photo filter/style weekly. I get inspired by everything visual and think of a concept and just run with it for the week. {See last week’s Ombre post here} . This week was all about cloning yourself. Wouldn’t that be nice sometimes?  Thank you to {Aurora, Chelsea, Kat, Kelly, Maggie + Savanna} for participating this week. Here is a glimpse of wk. 009’s clone photography…


clone photographyclone photographyclone photographyclone photographyclone photography clone photography

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artist watch // georgiana paraschiv

georgiana paraschiv

{Georgina Paraschiv}

Georgiana Paraschiv. I recently discovered this artist on Pinterest. I was on a pinning spree and found myself obsessively pinning her fruit patterns.  I love her work. Paraschiv is a Romanian artist known for her modern illustrations and a mad scientist when it comes to patterns. I love her fruit patterns so much. They are refreshing and love the modern colors she mixes together.  LOVE. Here is a glimpse…

georgiana paraschivimagegeorgiana paraschivgeorgiana paraschivgeorgiana paraschivgeorgiana paraschivgeorgiana paraschivgeorgiana paraschivgeorgiana paraschiv

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Instagram love


hello. My #instalove for this week is Mercedes Benz Fashion Week {@mbfashionweek}. Last week I was following New York Fashion week through the Instagram eyes of @mbfashionweek. I loved getting little glimpses of what was happening on the runway, behind the scenes and backstage, street chic fashion wear, who was sitting in the front row and the IT models of the season. I loved the range of fashion from all directions that this Instagram gave us last week.  The biggest trends I observed from Fashion Week are plaids and checkered prints are BACK in bold colors of black and red, TANGERINE is the hot color, hints of Spring colors the lavenders, pale blue, and peaches make subtle appearances in fall fashion, and the 70’s are back in a big way! #fashionforward #NYFW #fall2015

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makeup monday // oscar beauty

Happy Makeup Monday!  Did you watch the Oscars last night?   The Oscar nominated movies this year were exceptional and so were the red carpet looks. I love, love, love awards season for all the beauty and glamour that it brings. I saw two trends on the red carpet last night – soft and natural and natural with a bold lip! During the awards season, Emma Stone took amazing fashion risks and I love how she ended it at the Oscars with her fresh feminine look that exuded old Hollywood glamor.  Margot Robbie was another show-stopper last night. I loved her sophisticated and polished structured look with effortless makeup and her bold red lip! Here are some of my favorite Oscar Beauty looks from last night…

 oscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beauty

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