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artist watch // javier martin

Spanish artist Javier Martin combines neon light with glamorous fashion portraits. LOVE.  He is a visual artist whose sensual series entitled Blindness showcases a provocative image of a female depicted by society unable to look beyond the surface of appearance caused by consumption and technology.  His series explores the contemporary standards of beauty and iconography. Here is a glimpse…



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artist watch // jordan andrew carter

I absolutely love Portrait Design and I especially love when it’s an iconic figure expressed in a modern and pop fashion.  Jordan Andrew Carter is a London-based artist and Illustrator.  He explains that he takes a tactile approach to his work with the juxtaposition of intricate hand drawn pencil work against mixed graphic media. His work is so amazing and eye-catching.  The colors are so fresh and magnificent. I would hang any of his portraits in my home. Here is a glimpse of his work…

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Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style

Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent {August 1, 1936 – June 1, 2008}

Tonight was all about YSL fashion.  The Seattle Art Museum presents Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style, showcasing highlights from the legendary designer’s 44-year career. Drawn from the collection of the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent, the exhibition features new acquisitions by the Foundation that have never been shown publicly before. My friend {Maggie} and I had a fashion date and really enjoyed the work of YSL – master couturier and fashion pioneer.  The exhibit features over 100 couture pieces. It’s quite spectacular. Here is a glimpse…

Yves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint LaurentYves Saint Laurent


scribble this

Hattie Stewart

I find myself scribbling and drawing a lot lately. Channeling the creative energy of Hattie Stewart. Stewart is an amazing illustrator based in London. Love her work – it exudes all this fun and amazing energy. See her work and get inspired. Here is a glimpse…

Hattie StewartHattie StewartHattie StewartHattie StewartHattie StewartHattie Stewart

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Fruity Spring

Oh hello there Spring…

Hello Spring

Spring has officially arrived. I’m excited to incorporate more color into my dark wardrobe of black on black. I love spring colors – so soft with the array of fresh pastels. I came across these fruit spring art that I completely adored. For those that know me, I do have globophobia, but these actually don’t bother me. I love them – they are so fruity fresh. Here is a glimpse…

Hello SpringHello SpringHello SpringHello SpringHello Spring

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the gallery wall

gallery wall

I’ve been secretly pinning gallery wall inspiration. Lately, I’ve been revamping my apartment and slowly creating a gallery art wall above my bed. Honestly, curating is a little tricky because you are limited with space and images and you have to create a hierarchy in terms of various sizes. What I’m finding is – display what I love and mix it up. When I’m finished, I’ll share my own little art gallery with you. Until then, here is glimpse of some images I pinned to my “art gallery wall” board…

gallery wallgallery wallgallery wallgallery wallgallery wall

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skulls + flowers

skull art

The day after Halloween is known as the Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos in Spanish. This is a Mexican holiday that celebrates the blurred boundaries between life and death.  The tradition is that men, women and children honor their deceased loved ones by participating in a joyous festival. I’m so inspired by the artwork of this tradition. As inspiration, today is all about beautiful skulls + flowers. Here is a glimpse…

skull artskull artskull artskull artskull artskull art

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artist watch // fulvio obregon

Paul McCartney

Fulvio Obregon

Colombian graphic artist Fulvio Obregón is drawing a connection between the past and present. You may have seen this on social media recently.  In a collection titled “Me and My Other Me” {“Yo & Mi Otro Yo” | Spanish} his illustrations feature famous celebrities in both their “Old look” posing with their “Young self”. Notice the detail in the t-shirts they wear highlighting or mocking their life’s achievements. Love the look of these illustrations. My only question is….where are they women? Rumor is that an ad of a woman next to her younger self was the inspiration for this project. Here is a glimpse of the collection…

Michael Jackson

Fulvio Obregon

Steve Jobs

Fulvio Obregon

Al Pacino

Fulvio Obregon

Mick Jagger

Fulvio Obregon

Bill Gates

Fulvio Obregon

Robert Di Nero

Fulvio Obregon