This is Seattle Scene. eat. v8. Hello again.  The duo is back, myself {Stephanie} and my friend {Savanna} continue to share our experience of the Seattle restaurant scene. We are at our 8th edition now {see original blog post – Seattle scene. eat v1}. Our assignment is to try out new restaurants and see what the current and future design trends are in the Seattle market. We are looking from a designer’s point of view, but the food is a nice bonus. We thought we would mix it up a bit and revisit an oldie, but goodie.  We are calling this Seattle – Throwback Thursday edition. I actually have been to REVEL many times and love the food and space. This was {Savanna’s} first time. Here is a glimpse of our REVEL experience.



REVEL opened it’s doors in 2010.  Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi are the culinary geniuses behind the Korean/French food fusion.  They also own Joule – a sister restaurant in the Wallingford neighborhood of Seattle. When you walk into Revel, it’s like walking into a secret food society. The interior of the space is so unexpected.  I love when the exterior and interior don’t exactly talk to each other and create an element of surprise for the diner. The space has walls in shades of gray and pop artwork are expressed throughout the space.  Wood banquettes surround the long interior space and the long butcher-block table connects the chefs to the guests and acts as the focal point of the space. REVEL creates an ultra-cool vibe, with the music (90’s rap that night), seeing the chef’s in action, and the effortlessly modern interior, and the food is absolutely amazing.  That night we ordered the potato+ leek, gruyère – truffle dumplings, Parsnip & yam, tamarind yogurt, mint-pear chutney pancake, Short rib, sambal daikon, mustard green rice bowl and the ‘Tofu Plate‘ as dessert, which basically was Crème fraiche panna cotta, pickled rhubarb, burnt honey. Everything was amazing.  REVEL is such a gem and the diner experiences a unique food adventure.

Revel Seattle

We hope you enjoyed the Seattle – Throwback Edition. To see a glimpse of our experience at the Chef’s bar, we have put together a quick little video for you. Enjoy (with sound). Until next time….{Stephanie} + Guest {Savanna}.

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