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2016 // top posts

Hello. Happy New Year’s Eve! You know I love my eves! 2016 was a really good year for me. I made transitions with my career and couldn’t be happier.  My business is doing very well and I love, love, love all the projects that I worked on this year.  I’m looking forward to what 2017 will bring.  Celebrate the last moments of the 2016! Thanks for allowing me to share my blog with you.  Here is a glimpse of the most popular Sparkle is the new Black posts for 2016…

Top post for 2016

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9. California Love

10. makeup monday // golden globes

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This year I will … #2015


Happy New Year! I’m extremely excited for 2015 and what it will bring.  I’ve written my goals for this year and have also privately written some positive affirmations. I am a believer that if you are vocal and put out your desired situations out into the universe and repeat them and BELIEVE them, they will come true.  Along with that, it’s also nice to document or at least be aware of first and last situations that happen in a new year.  My friend {Savanna} and I were at a coffee shop today and made a list of our “Firsts” and “Bests” for 2015.  Ours was a little specific to our own lives. I also shared this idea with my friend {Chelsea} and she suggested I share this list to my sparkle friends. I have created a 2015 Firsts/Bests Postcard for you! Please feel free to download and document your 2015.  Cheers!

#hello 2015

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Happy New Year! Hello 2015. Today we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Sparkle is the new BLACK. Who is going to be your first thought in 2015? What will your first meal be?  Who will you kiss first in 2015? I’m excited for this new year and what the new year will bring. Here are my personal resolutions/goals for this new year. I hope this year will be full of sparkle for you! Cheers and make every moment count…

hello 2014


Year of the Horse

Year of the Horse

Happy Chinese New Year {Gong Hey Fat Choy}.  Today we celebrate a new Chinese year and say good-bye to the Year of the Snake and Say hello to the Year of the Horse. The Horse (馬 午) is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese Zodiac.  The Chinese celebrate the New Year with a 15-day celebration starting on January 31 with the first new moon of the calendar year. 2014 celebrates the year of the wooden horse. According to the Chinese astrologers, this is what we should expect for the 2014 – Year of the Horse…

1.  The Chinese zodiac consists of a 12 year cycle where an animal is assigned to each one of those years. According to the system, the universe is made up of five elements: earth, wind, fire, metal, and wood which interact with the assigned animal for the year. 2014 – Year of the Wooden Horse.  

2. People born on the year of horse are said to be like horses:  animated, active, energetic – they love being in a crowd. They are quick to learn independence and they have a straight-forward and positive attitude towards life. They are known for communication skills and exceedingly witty.

3. If you were born on the year of the horse, you should be looking for potential partners who were born in the years of the tiger, goat or dog. Avoid those born in the year of the rat, ox, rabbit or horse. You won’t like them.

4.  If none of this rings true, don’t worry. The animal signs of each year merely indicate how others see you or how you choose to present yourself. There are also animal signs for each month, known as inner animals, signs for each day, called true animals, and animals for each hour, or secret animals.

5. The lucky colors of team horse are green, red and purple; the lucky numbers are three, four and nine, and the lucky flowers are giant taro and jasmine.

6.  Raymond Lo, a feng shui and destiny consultant, says the year of the horse is a year in which people are likely to stand firm on their principles, making negotiation difficult.

7.  If you were born in the year of the horse, you’re in good company. Fellow members of the horse club include Genghis Khan, Mongol ruler; Franklin D Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the US; Louis Pasteur, a 19th-century scientist; Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon; the American singer Aretha Franklin; and the model Cindy Crawford.

8.  Years of the wooden horse are associated with warfare.

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