This year I will … #2015


Happy New Year! I’m extremely excited for 2015 and what it will bring.  I’ve written my goals for this year and have also privately written some positive affirmations. I am a believer that if you are vocal and put out your desired situations out into the universe and repeat them and BELIEVE them, they will come true.  Along with that, it’s also nice to document or at least be aware of first and last situations that happen in a new year.  My friend {Savanna} and I were at a coffee shop today and made a list of our “Firsts” and “Bests” for 2015.  Ours was a little specific to our own lives. I also shared this idea with my friend {Chelsea} and she suggested I share this list to my sparkle friends. I have created a 2015 Firsts/Bests Postcard for you! Please feel free to download and document your 2015.  Cheers!

#hello 2015

Download PDF version

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