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graphics // foodie ebook

Hello. I’ve missed you. Life has been just so busy. I miss my blog time.  Last year, I partnered with local foodie blogger {Taylor} and have been designing EBooks for her. I think I have designed almost 10 of them. Please visit her site, she has amazing healthy recipes to share – Food Faith Fitness {nourishing your mind. body. and soul}. Here is a glimpse of the latest Ebook – Gluten Free Weeknight Dinner recipes…




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graphics // wedding invites

Hello. I’ve missed you. I’ve been incredibly busy with my 9-5 and also working on some amazing projects on my own.  I thought I would share one of the them with you. My dear and best friend Crisa is an event planner and organizing the wedding of Karen & Luis. I was lucky to be asked to do their wedding invitations.  Their colors are navy and gold.  I put together 5 options in both white/gold and navy/gold for the couple. Which one do you like best? Here is a glimpse…

Wedding InvitesWedding Invites2Wedding Invites3Wedding Invites4Wedding Invites5

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graphics // + affirmations


Hello. We are in our first week of 2016. I wanted to share a graphic project that I completed this week. My projects are seriously amazing, fun and so diverse. I recently partnered with a Life Coach named Joyell. I had nothing but a positive experience working with her. I created 20 graphics for her social media.  The graphics were all about positive affirmations. I totally believe in affirmations – if you put it out into the universe and believe it – good things will come. We always have to work and improve our relationships, but before we do that, we must love and improve our own relationship with ourselves.  “I Believe 2016 will be an Amazing Year”. Here is a glimpse of the affirmations…


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2015 // Top Blog Posts


Hello. Happy New Year’s Eve Eve. I love my eves! We are about to say good-bye to 2015.  2015 year was an interesting year for me. The highs would be my fabulous Europe trip with my family, getting out my comfort zone and doing what I really love to do, and all my friendships this year – both new and old. My personal theme this year was “things happen for a reason”. However, I sent out many positive affirmations into the universe and I do believe “it” will happen if you will it to happen. I feel like I’m coming out on top as we end 2015. Always end on a good note right? Thank you for reading my blog and letting me share a little sparkle with you. Here is a glimpse of the most popular Sparkle is the new Black posts for 2015…

Top post for 2015

Princess Sparkle

1.  Princess Sparkle  {pretty pink princess photo shoot}

Seattle Photography

2. little carolina // photo shoot {Girly + Urban + Tutus}

VHS photo

3. project 2015 // wk. 006 // vhs {VHS photography}


4. graphics // {austin aztex} {Poster Designs for the Austin Axtex}

P31 Collaborative

5. graphics // {p31 Collaborative} {Brand / Business Card design}

makeup blender - beauty blender

6. makeup monday // the beauty blender


7. Hello London

Look Book

8. graphics // shoe look book


9. project 2015 // wk. 007 // pittsburgh {photo project}

Urban Photo shoot

10. urban // photoshoot {little brother photo shoot}

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Merry Christmas Eve.

2015 Holiday Card2

It has begun…

I love this time of year. All my presents are wrapped and am excited to celebrate Christmas with my loved ones.  I wish Seattle would get snow for Christmas (but just on Christmas)!  For 2015, I designed this Christmas card in two versions – black and white of course. Print and Enjoy.

Sending you all Holiday Cheer…..Merry Christmas!

To download the Black Version

To download the White Version

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graphics {lookbook + line sheets}

I heart graphic design times infinity!  I wanted to share my latest graphics project with you.  I recently partnered with a jewelry designer {however in the UK they spell it “jewellery”} named Catherine Preston. She is originally from the UK and now resides in Hong Kong. She came to me requesting a Look Book and Line sheets for her jewelry business. I created a short teaser look book and line sheets so she can send them out to potential buyers {prices were removed}. She had great photography for so it made the process easy to design the layouts.  Here is a glimpse of the latest…

lookbook designlookbook designlookbook designlookbook designlookbook designlookbook designlookbook designlookbook designLine Sheet Design