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2015 // Top Blog Posts


Hello. Happy New Year’s Eve Eve. I love my eves! We are about to say good-bye to 2015.  2015 year was an interesting year for me. The highs would be my fabulous Europe trip with my family, getting out my comfort zone and doing what I really love to do, and all my friendships this year – both new and old. My personal theme this year was “things happen for a reason”. However, I sent out many positive affirmations into the universe and I do believe “it” will happen if you will it to happen. I feel like I’m coming out on top as we end 2015. Always end on a good note right? Thank you for reading my blog and letting me share a little sparkle with you. Here is a glimpse of the most popular Sparkle is the new Black posts for 2015…

Top post for 2015

Princess Sparkle

1.  Princess Sparkle  {pretty pink princess photo shoot}

Seattle Photography

2. little carolina // photo shoot {Girly + Urban + Tutus}

VHS photo

3. project 2015 // wk. 006 // vhs {VHS photography}


4. graphics // {austin aztex} {Poster Designs for the Austin Axtex}

P31 Collaborative

5. graphics // {p31 Collaborative} {Brand / Business Card design}

makeup blender - beauty blender

6. makeup monday // the beauty blender


7. Hello London

Look Book

8. graphics // shoe look book


9. project 2015 // wk. 007 // pittsburgh {photo project}

Urban Photo shoot

10. urban // photoshoot {little brother photo shoot}

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Sasquatch 2015

Hello. I took a little blog break, but now I’m back.  I recently have been working on designing music concert posters for a professional soccer team. I’m having so much fun designing these music inspired posters. I will share my work at the end of the soccer season. I was looking to other music concert/festival posters for inspiration. One of them being Sasquatch. Sasquatch is an annual music festival held at the Gorge amphitheatre in Gorge, Washington. This festival is in May during Memorial Day Weekend. One of these years, I will go! I wanted to share the Sasquatch posters from present to past. Here is a glimpse…

Sasquatch 2014

Sasquatch 2013

Sasquatch 2012

Sasquatch 2011

Sasquatch 2010

Sasquatch 2009

Sasquatch 2008

Sasquatch 2007

Sasquatch 2006