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Seattle Scene. eat. v5

This is Seattle Scene. eat. v5. Hello again.  The duo is back, myself {Stephanie} and my friend {Savanna}. Our research of the Seattle scene continues {see original blog post – Seattle Sceene. eat v1}. Our assignment is to try out new restaurants and see what the current and future design trends are in the Seattle market. We are looking from a designer’s point of view, but the food is a nice bonus.

Bar Sajor

Seattle Scene. Bar Sajor

Bar SajorPronounce {Sigh-YOUR}. The restaurant located on the corner of Occidental and Jackson opened it’s doors Spring 2013. Matt Dillon, chef/owner named his restaurant “Sajor”, which was his mother’s maiden name. Dillon, one of the top Seattle Chefs also owns Sitka & Spruce, Bar Ferd’nand, and The Corson Building. He has been named Food & Wine’s 10 best Chefs in 2007 and James Beard best Chef in 2012.  Last Friday we retreated to Seattle’s Pioneer Square and dined at Sajor where we felt we were dining in another city…

Seattle Scene. Bar Sajor

Seattle Scene. Bar Sajor

Seattle Scene. Bar Sajor

There is something about white interior that we absolutely adore. White interior in combination with rustic wood; it makes you feel like you are not in Seattle and taken away to Europe. We loved the variety of seating and seeing the dining space of the second floor.  A big attraction is the open kitchen where you can see the meals cooked by wood flame. There is a balance of the rustic with the natural wood and the decor of glass containers filled with fruit and vegetables and a glitzy quality with the subtle touches of glamour. Local Seattle company, Codor Design designed the wall installations.

Seattle Scene. Bar SajorSeattle Scene. Bar Sajor

Matt Dillon knows the formula how people like to dine: casual, communal, seasonal and with a romantic touch.  The dining space sits 40-50 guests that is both romantic and informal. The large windows brighten the space during the day, while at night the space is illuminated with soft lighting for intimate dining. It’s beautiful.

What did we eat?….

Seattle Scene. Bar Sajor

Seattle Scene. Bar Sajor

We started with a cheese plate {not pictured} followed by a beet salad with prosciutto, and  by Black Cod with Asian pear for our main course. We love to share plates, that’s how we roll. Delicious.

Lastly, we forgot to check for purse hooks. We hope Matt Dillon didn’t disappoint. Until next time…xoxo SADV


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