graphics // baby shower invite


My best friend is having a baby. This will be her second child and it’s a boy.  I was honored that she asked me to design her baby invites.  For the look and feel, she wanted a California Vibe, palm trees, and a clean modern palette of greens and gold with pops of color.  I told about the brand A Beautiful Mess.  She took a looksie and said that’s exactly the look and feel that she wants.  For privacy, I did change the names and details.  The first one was the invite design she selected and the other ones were the options I wanted to share with you. Please comment and tell me which one you like best. Here is a glimpse…




  1. Hi Steph, I really love them all but since you asked…. the best one I think is the 2nd, then the 1st and then the 3rd one in my order of likeness. The others were not as striking as the top 3. But all are amazing!!!!!

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