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2015 // Top Blog Posts


Hello. Happy New Year’s Eve Eve. I love my eves! We are about to say good-bye to 2015.  2015 year was an interesting year for me. The highs would be my fabulous Europe trip with my family, getting out my comfort zone and doing what I really love to do, and all my friendships this year – both new and old. My personal theme this year was “things happen for a reason”. However, I sent out many positive affirmations into the universe and I do believe “it” will happen if you will it to happen. I feel like I’m coming out on top as we end 2015. Always end on a good note right? Thank you for reading my blog and letting me share a little sparkle with you. Here is a glimpse of the most popular Sparkle is the new Black posts for 2015…

Top post for 2015

Princess Sparkle

1.  Princess Sparkle  {pretty pink princess photo shoot}

Seattle Photography

2. little carolina // photo shoot {Girly + Urban + Tutus}

VHS photo

3. project 2015 // wk. 006 // vhs {VHS photography}


4. graphics // {austin aztex} {Poster Designs for the Austin Axtex}

P31 Collaborative

5. graphics // {p31 Collaborative} {Brand / Business Card design}

makeup blender - beauty blender

6. makeup monday // the beauty blender


7. Hello London

Look Book

8. graphics // shoe look book


9. project 2015 // wk. 007 // pittsburgh {photo project}

Urban Photo shoot

10. urban // photoshoot {little brother photo shoot}


makeup monday // shade + light

Kat Von D Shade and LightIt’s Monday! Happy makeup monday!  Today I want to talk about Kat Von D’s Shade and Light Palette. I’m obsessed with this palette. I’m usually a shimmer and sparkle girl when it comes to the eyes but I’m really drawn to this palette. It’s an all matte palette and quite versatile.  I love the neutrals and how this palette goes both cool and warm. Last week I went to this event and I really wanted a sultry, rock smokey eye and my eye shadow collection consisted of greys and blacks in all shimmer. Then I met the Kat Von D palette and I loved all the matte neutrals which helped me build and layer the perfect smokey eye! One thing to note about this palette is that it’s a little “dusty”.  The texture is quite soft and may get a little messy. The pigment is great though you just have to be gentle with your shade and light palette. Love and must have. Here is a glimpse of more of the Shade and Light palette…

Kat Von D Shade and Light

Kat Von D Shade and Light


makeup monday // man bun

man bun

Hello and Happy makeup monday!  This is the day we talk beauty & hair. I always love to talk about my latest beauty discoveries and all the makeup and hair trends. Speaking of trends, Google’s 2015 Beauty Trends report “man bun” topped the search results for the year.  So 2015 is officially the year of the man bun. Here is a glimpse of man bun inspiration…

man bunman bunman bunman bunman bun

{images via Pinterest}


makeup monday // lashes in a box

Lashes in a BoxHello. Happy Makeup Monday. Beauty talk was on a little hiatus, but now it’s back and can’t wait to share my latest beauty love!  If you know me, you know that I’m obsessed with lashes. There is just something about lashes that really wakens and enhances the eyes. I’ve tried all types of lashes – all styles. My new favorite is LASHES IN A BOX. Love the packaging for one (you know I’m a sucker for chic packaging}. LASHES IN A BOX offers several styles with 10 pairs per box.  It’s definitely a luxury line where quality isn’t sacrificed.

lashes in a box

My favorite set from LASHES IN A BOX is No. 17. I love the wispy quality.  No.17 is all about 100% handmade full wispies – 20 piece set that features all-around natural length and full volume. I’m so in love!


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Link Love

Link Love

Hello + Happy Wednesday. Where did summer go? Autumn is just around the corner. I don’t think I’m ready for this. Here are some link loves to make this transition as smooth as possible.


makeup monday // too faced soul mates

Too Faced Soul Mates

Happy makeup monday! Makeup Monday is back. I took a little break from beauty reporting because I have been working on so many fabulous projects!  On this Monday, I started the day early and went to breakfast and did a little window shopping. I came across these very adorable bronzers from Too Faced called Soul Mates.  What drew me to this was the cute packaging and the names. Oh the names of these bronzer duos – Ross & Rachel and Carrie & Big. Love and adore!

Too Faced - Soul Mates

Love Too Faced makeup especially for their packaging.  I would describe it as unapologetic glamour and femininity. Soul Mates Blush Bronzer comes in the two palettes – Ross & Rachel and Carrie & Big, which are a mix of a contour and a pop of color and a little shimmer. I haven’t tried these palettes, but the packaging (and names) had me at hello!  Here is a glimpse of these lovely palettes…

Too Faced Soul Mates

Too Faced Soul Mates

Too Faced Soul Mates


makeup monday // face rules

face rules

face rules 101…

Yes, there is a specific order to putting on you FACE makeup. Here is a little guide to makeup application.


This probably is an obvious one.  You must prime your skin before anything else. Primer allows foundation to glide on more easily and helps set the base so your makeup sets better and smoother. It also controls issues like redness and pore size.  If you apply Primer first, your make up stays on longer and it smooths the skin prior to foundation.


Foundation follows primer. Pick your favorite foundation {liquid, creme, mousse, etc} that closely matches your skin color and apply to the face to create even, uniform color to your complexion.


Concealer after foundation. If you have a blemish, apply concealer over your foundation. This makes sense because you don’t want to apply concealer before foundation because you will just be disrupting the areas you want to conceal because foundation will smudge that area and basically waste the products.  Concealing is more concentrated so apply only to certain areas – eyes, blemishes, etc.


These two go hand in hand.  If you are into contouring + highlighting, then this stage is where it’s at.  If you don’t contour, then skip right on to the powder.  Always go a few shades darker for contour and a few shades lighter for highlighting and apply to the specific areas of the face to make “skinny face”. See earlier post for contour map


Save the powder until the end. Powder sets the makeup and prevents oil + shine. No one wants a shiny face.  It’s basically the icing to the cake. It completes the face. After powder is applied, don’t apply anything shiny or with a consistency of liquid. That is where you get “cakey” makeup and that’s no good.