makeup monday // refined romance

Lorac Refined Romance

Hello and happy makeup monday! I’ve missed you. I went to the Nordstrom sale a few weeks ago and came across Lorac’s Refined Romance Eye/Cheek Palette. I love it and am so obsessed with it. I’ve been using it everyday since I got it! My favorite out of the whole palette is the Gold Shimmer eye shadow {i know surprise, surprise}.  The gold shimmer is so  perfect for that summer bronze glow.  I also love the shimmer highlighters – I use it for my upper cheeks and nose to give that subtle highlight. It’s the best and color palette is truly romantic. The best part is that this palette is retails for $18. That is amazing for a palette. GO GET IT NOW!  Here is a glimpse of the colors….

Lorac Refined Romance


makeup monday // ColourPop


Makeup Monday has been MIA. My blog needs some attention and love.  Busy, Busy, Busy! My latest obsessions are the eyeshadows from ColourPop.  I love ColourPop. I’ve been hearing about the brand for a while, but have been hesitant because it’s an online purchase. I always like to see the packaging and try out the colors in person. I chanced it because I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews. I went ahead and ordered a few matte lipsticks and about 10 shadows and blush. When the package came, I was so excited. The packaging is super cute and good quality. They even had a personal note – love that little touch. The best part is that their products are so inexpensive.  We are talking $5 for shadows and $ 8 for blush. And you know, I’m a MAC girl and I swear by MAC quality, but ColourPop is definitely one of my new favorites.


Look how cute the packaging is.  What I love is the snake skin texture of the shadows. I really love the eyeshadows and blush. Amazing pigment!  Not super impressed with the matte lipsticks. Way too matte and makes your lips super dry. Don’t love that. Go for the eyeshadows!


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makeup monday // golden globes

Golden Globes Makeup{Lily James}

Happy Makeup Monday. The Golden Globes always kicks off the beginning of awards season. I love this time of year. I love seeing all the elegant looks for both makeup and fashion. The Red carpet – it’s like girl sports. This year the beauty style for the 2016 Golden globes was especially impressive. I loved the effortless yet intricate updos and clean soft makeup. Loved it all – many, many pinworthy beauty inspirations. Here is a glimpse…


Golden Globes Makeup

Alicia Vikander

Golden Globes Makeup

Kirsten Dunst

Golden Globes Makeup

Jennifer Lopez

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Sophia Bush

Saoirse Ronan

Jenna Dewan-Tatum

There were many beautiful dresses. Many, Many gorgeous looks. I have to say my absolute favorite dress of the night was the dress by Lily James. She looked fierce and flawless. I’m obsessed. So old Hollywood with a modern twist.

Golden Globes Fashion


makeup monday // too faced soul mates

Too Faced Soul Mates

Happy makeup monday! Makeup Monday is back. I took a little break from beauty reporting because I have been working on so many fabulous projects!  On this Monday, I started the day early and went to breakfast and did a little window shopping. I came across these very adorable bronzers from Too Faced called Soul Mates.  What drew me to this was the cute packaging and the names. Oh the names of these bronzer duos – Ross & Rachel and Carrie & Big. Love and adore!

Too Faced - Soul Mates

Love Too Faced makeup especially for their packaging.  I would describe it as unapologetic glamour and femininity. Soul Mates Blush Bronzer comes in the two palettes – Ross & Rachel and Carrie & Big, which are a mix of a contour and a pop of color and a little shimmer. I haven’t tried these palettes, but the packaging (and names) had me at hello!  Here is a glimpse of these lovely palettes…

Too Faced Soul Mates

Too Faced Soul Mates

Too Faced Soul Mates


makeup monday // eye candy

eye candy

In the world of beauty, candy-colored eyeliner is the hottest trend we are seeing right now. This trend is POPPING up everywhere. When I say POP, they really do make the eyes POP. It’s a simple pencil application to the eye and all of sudden your eye POPS like candy.  This trend is so flattering and fun and the colors are limitless. There are certain colors that definitely POP more depending on your eye color.

For brown eyes:  purples, pinks, blues, and warm metallic.

For blue eyes:  bronze, oranges, and rust

For green eyes:  purples, golds, and blues

For hazel:  greens and purples

To apply…

Follow your upper lash line closely and work from the inside corner to outer corner. If you want to take it a step further you can even flick and wing it out – cat eye style. Then do the bottom lash line, starting from the outside and work your way in.

See some eye candy inspiration….

colored eyeliner

colored eyeliner

colored eyeliner

makeup monday // highlight + contour

highlight + contour

I’m so obsessed with highlighting + contouring…

It’s all about enhancing your best features.  I mean who wouldn’t like the appearance of higher cheekbones, a slimmer nose, and light catching certain features of your face in the right possible way.  In other words, “skinny face”.  There are hundreds of tutorials out there to show you how to contour and there are also so many products to achieve this look. I definitely do have my favorites and will share with you in a future makeup monday blog post. This week I created a highlight + contour map for you so you get the idea of where features should pop and where they should recede.  Blending is very important. A beauty blender or a blender brush is definitely necessary to make sure there are no harsh lines.

highlight + contour

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makeup monday // oscar beauty

Happy Makeup Monday!  Did you watch the Oscars last night?   The Oscar nominated movies this year were exceptional and so were the red carpet looks. I love, love, love awards season for all the beauty and glamour that it brings. I saw two trends on the red carpet last night – soft and natural and natural with a bold lip! During the awards season, Emma Stone took amazing fashion risks and I love how she ended it at the Oscars with her fresh feminine look that exuded old Hollywood glamor.  Margot Robbie was another show-stopper last night. I loved her sophisticated and polished structured look with effortless makeup and her bold red lip! Here are some of my favorite Oscar Beauty looks from last night…

 oscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beautyoscar beauty

{Source Getty}

makeup monday // go naked

makeup monday // go naked

A few years ago I discovered Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes. The Naked palettes have been so successful and have been on the beauty top sellers lists.  I have to agree, I am truly obsessed with the Naked palettes. There is not one color that I don’t like or will not use in all of their palettes. Currently, there are 3 Naked Palettes, a Naked basic and a Naked on the run palette. I’ll do a breakdown of all of them.  I love the texture and quality of Urban Decay’s shadows. All of them are buttery and fabulous with amazing rich pigment.  There are a variety of shades – some matte and some with shimmer sparkles.  Why Naked?  The palettes all come in a variety of gorgeous bronze-hues neutrals that look good on all skin complexions.  I love that you can be simple and neutral with these palettes or build it up and layer for more dramatic looks. My personal favorite is the Naked2 Palette. Once you purchase your first palette, you will know what I’m talking about. Here is a breakdown of all the Naked Palettes.

makeup monday // go naked

{Naked Palette}

makeup monday // go naked

This is Urban Decay’s original Naked palette. The palette consists of 2 matte shadows and 10 shimmery colors.  The colors of this palette are on the warmer neutral side.  The shades include …

  • Virgin {frosty nude beige}
  • Sin {pale pink with shimmer}
  • Naked {a matte red/brown}
  • Sidecar {a shimmery pink bronze}
  • Buck {a deep beige brown}
  • Half Baked {a copper shimmer bronze}
  • Smog {a dark copper shimmer bronze}
  • Darkhorse {a deep chocolate-brown with bronze undertones}
  • Toasted {a medium dark brown with pink shimmer}
  • Hustle {a dark plum chocolate-brown with shimmer}
  • Creep {a blue-black navy shimmer}
  • Gunmetal {a metallic gray}

{Naked 2 Palette}

120111-nakedmakeup monday // go naked

This palette is my absolute favorite.  This palette was the most anticipated sequel of the decade.  Some of the hues are similar to the first palette 5 are new and exclusive to this palette. Naked 2 consists of 3 matte shades and 9 shimmers. From left to right, here is the breakdown of the Naked 2 palette compared to the original.

  • Foxy {a matte neutral warm vanilla base}
  • Half Baked {*repeat, a copper shimmer bronze}
  • Bootycall {*similar to Virgin, a frosty nude beige}
  • Chopper {a shimmery copper bronze}
  • Tease {a deep plum brown}
  • Snake Bite {a dark bronze shimmer with a metallic base}
  • Suspect {a pale golden beige with shimmer}
  • Pistol {a light gray-brown with shimmer}
  • Verve {an oyster color with shimmer}
  • YDK {a cool bronze shimmer with metallic base}
  • Busted {a deep brown with shimmer finish}
  • Blackout {a black black with matte finish}

{Naked 3 Palette}

makeup monday // go naked

What sets apart the Naked 3 palette from the first two palettes are the rose-hued neutrals.  You see more soft pinks in this palette.  Naked 3 consists of the following hues…

  • Strange {a pale neutral with pink matte-satin}
  • Dust {a pale metallic pink shimmer}
  • Burnout {a light pinky-peach satin}
  • Limit {a light dusty rose matte}
  • Buzz {a metallic rose shimmer with silver glitter}
  • Trick {a light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with micro sparkle}
  • Nooner {a medium pinky-brown matte}
  • Liar {a medium metallic mauve shimmer}
  • Factory {a pinky brown satin}
  • Mugshot {a metallic taupe shimmer with pink undertones}
  • Darkside {a deep taupe-mauve satin}
  • Blackheart {a smoky black matte with rosy red sparkle}


{Images via Urban Decay}


makeup monday // my makeup bag

What’s in my makeup bag?

Makeup Monday Makeup Bag

Hello makeup Monday! I love talking about makeup.  I wanted to share with you what it’s my own personal makeup bag {the makeup purse inside my purse}. This is different from my morning makeup regime; these are the essential items I carry with me daily. I will share my morning ritual in another future blog post. In the meantime, here are the my favorites that I can’t leave the house without…

Rosebud Salve is the essential of all essentials

This is a cult favorite and a must have of all lip balms.  This classic vintage lip balm has a rose perfume fragrance and comes in a lovely vintage tin. It’s the absolutely best.

Nars Orgasm Blush

Orgasm has been voted the best blush of all time! It can be described as a peachy-peach with sparkle. It truly is a great balance of peach and pink and I love the flicks of gold shimmer. This particular blush looks absolutely wonderful on all skin tones.  Depending on application, it can be light with a sheer shimmer, or if applied more generously, it can be give a pop highlight and give the cheeks a warm subtle glow.

I don’t leave the house without my Stipple Brush

The stipple brush is something that I carry with me everywhere.  I always want to make sure my makeup is blended evenly.  The stipple brush allows for that airbrushed look and helps take away the shine in the middle of the day.

Do I go pink or red?

A girl always wants options for lip color. Some days it’s red and some days its pink. Two of my all-time favorite lip colors are Mac’s Pink Pigeon and All Fired Up

Sometimes your eyes just want a little bit more sparkle.

I usually carry one or two eye shadows with me for mid-day or end-of-day re-application. One that always is with me is Mac’s Tempting. I love Tempting so much and have been using this color for years. Just look at – it’s so pretty.  It’s a lustre metallic bronzed brown with sparkle. Tempting has always complimented my eyes the best!

Well that’s what’s in my Tory Burch makeup bag {thanks Santa}.  More makeup talk next Monday. xoxo – SADV