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eye candy

In the world of beauty, candy-colored eyeliner is the hottest trend we are seeing right now. This trend is POPPING up everywhere. When I say POP, they really do make the eyes POP. It’s a simple pencil application to the eye and all of sudden your eye POPS like candy.  This trend is so flattering and fun and the colors are limitless. There are certain colors that definitely POP more depending on your eye color.

For brown eyes:  purples, pinks, blues, and warm metallic.

For blue eyes:  bronze, oranges, and rust

For green eyes:  purples, golds, and blues

For hazel:  greens and purples

To apply…

Follow your upper lash line closely and work from the inside corner to outer corner. If you want to take it a step further you can even flick and wing it out – cat eye style. Then do the bottom lash line, starting from the outside and work your way in.

See some eye candy inspiration….

colored eyeliner

colored eyeliner

colored eyeliner

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