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Seattle Scene. eat. v1

I’m working on a new project with my friend {Savanna}.  At the firm that we work at, we are part of a team that researches/markets Hospitality {restaurants, hotels, spas}. Our assignment is to try out new restaurants and see what the current and future design trends are, especially in the Seattle market. Try out new restaurants for homework?!? I guess we can handle that. In no means is this a “Foodie Blog”. No, the objective is to give design facts of the who, what, where, when & why. So welcome to our first “segment” – Seattle Scene. Eat v1.


Seattle Scene. Eat. Cuaco Seattle Scene. Eat. Cuaco

Cuoco. Located in the growing, emerging area of Seattle’s South Lake Union. Tom Douglas, one of the top Seattle mogul chefs opened Cuoco in 2011.  Cuoco is the Italian word for “cook”. The cuisine is Nothern Italian where the chefs and pasta station are featured so customers are part of the fresh pasta making experience. Cuoco is one of Douglas’ 11 restaurants. In the South Lake Union area alone he has 3 restaurants {Serious Pie & Biscuit and Brave Horse Tavern are the the other 2 restaurants}.

Seattle Scene. Eat. CuacoSeattle Scene. Eat. Cuaco

During a Seattle Summer, the outdoor scene is quite popular. Seattlites definitely like to take advantage fo our nice summer weather. Cuoco offers outdoor seating.  The rustic brick exterior and interior is a very popular trend in Seattle. The interior showcases a variety of wood and exposed beams inspired by a raw, but warm industrial feel. You can see the lovely {Savanna} taking in the nice Seattle weather.

Seattle Scene. Eat. CuacoSeattle Scene. Eat. CuacoSeattle Scene. Eat. CuacoSeattle Scene. Eat. Cuaco

What did we order?  We like to share so we ordered 3 small plates. From left to right:  Fried squash blossoms {salt cod, lemon aioli, calabrian chili} + Newaukum valley beets {gorganzola, taggiasca olives, radish} + Risotto {squash blossom, chanterelles, saffron} and paired it with a light Rose.

Seattle Scene. Eat. Cuaco

We are excited to start this series of exploration. Personally we do this every week anyways, but now we can say that this is “research”.  Looking forward to exploring more and sharing more. To answer that question, that {Savanna} and I always ask. Pursehooks? Yes.