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I fell in love with Web Design this summer. I had the opportunity to work with 2 amazing small businesses in the art world + golf world. It was wonderful to work with such passionate individuals who love what they do and gave me creative free reign to design {graphic + web} for their new businesses.  For both companies I styled and created their brand and I wanted to share it with you. Here is a glimpse…


Web Design by SADV

The look that we were striving for SHORT GRASS GOLF was an edgy, modern, don’t take golf so seriously look and feel. The site relies on strong visuals and I found the LENSA theme to be the most fitting. The front page showcases a full screen slide show, with 5 visuals on rotation to really give a memorable visual experience to the visitor.  If you want to improve your swing or learn the fundamentals of golf – contact shortgrassgolf.com.

Web Design by SADV
Short Grass Golf website – Front Page slide show

Graphic design by SADV

Marketing Digital Postcards

Business Cards by SADV

Business Cards



Web Design by SADV

As a true designer, you don’t want to create the same thing twice. Each design should be different, special and unique. For COLOR CHIPS, we went with the ARTWORKS theme. This theme showcases an infinite scroll which is great for portfolios or artwork.  I love the super clean layout. The theme is constantly refreshed with each new blog post that showcases images, which allows for fresh and new updated content. Color and art are the big expressions for the COLOR CHIPS brand. Art is very subjective; we wanted a modern and colorful brand. Art is for all ages, contact color-chips.com to learn more about art and sign up for a class.

Web Design by SADVWeb Design by SADV

Business Cards by SADV

Color Chips business card design with 2 front design.

I found a love for Web Design with WordPress. My next project is to revamp my own personal website. I’m always looking for new opportunities and projects. If there is any interest and you have Web Design needs, please contact me. XOXO – SADV

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  1. Short Grass Golf came out great and I will be a billionaire in no time. The creative process was fun because you didn’t dictate and control, you worked collaboratively and listened to what my visions were, then incorporated them. Thanks for your help, i’ll be sure to use your talents again.

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