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THE Dinner Party

kjnDinner Party

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I love hosting parties, especially intimate dinner parties.  I was walking in downtown Seattle this week and I was thinking about hosting a dinner party and wondering who I would invite?  A good mix of people can make the most interesting conversations and it’s best to MIX-IT-UP. I would love to have a dinner party and invite the following people: Sofia Coppola, Marc Jacobs, Joel Mchale, Jon Russell. and Zooey Deschanel. 6 is good number. Here is a glimpse of THE ideal party I would love to host  + “guests” + “dinner talk“…

Sofia Coppola

hello. Sofia Coppola

{American screenwriter, film director, producer and actress}

What she would bring to the table:  her passion for film. it’s not ordinary, her vision is extraordinary and unique.

My dinner party question/conversation with Sofia: I would love to talk about – Marie Antoinette for it’s beautiful cinematography and love the story of Lost in Translation. I also would tell her I’m looking forward to the upcoming movie: The Bling Ring.

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Marc Jacobs


hello. Marc Jacobs

{Head designer for Marc Jacobs and creative director for Louis Vuitton}

What he would bring to the table:  Fashion. Fashion. New York. and Fashion.

My dinner party question/conversation with Marc: I would love to know what the new trends will be in the next year – like what is the new black?

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Joel Mchale


hello. Joel Mchale


{Comedian – Best known for hosting The Soup}

What he would bring to the table:  He is beyond hilarious. Even his facial expressions will have everyone at the table laughing.

My dinner party question/conversation with Joel: What is funny to him? I would love to get his movie playlist.

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Jon Russell


hello. Jon Russell. hello

{Musician – The Head and the Heart}

What he would bring to the table:  Jon Russell can come to every dinner party. I heart Jon Russell. He can share band tour stories and play us a private concert at the end of the night.

My dinner party question/conversation with Jon: Why are you leaving Seattle? When do we get to hear new songs from THATH?

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Zooey Deschanel

hello. Zoey Deschanel

{American Actress + Musician}

What she would bring to the table? Zooey has this amazing energy that it’s just natural for people to gravitate towards her.  She is an individual that other girls would love to be like and guys would adore.

My dinner party question/conversation with Zooey:  What is going to happen next season with Nick and Jess on New Girl.  I love her and Nick together.  If it got to a personal level, I would ask her why it didn’t work out with her and Ben.

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