Seattle Scene. eat. v10

Seattle Scene. eat.v10

This is Seattle Scene. eat. v10. Last one of the year for 2014. Myself and guest blogger {Savanna} try a new Seattle hot spot for our reoccurring feature – the Seattle Scene. At the firm that we work at, we are part of a team that researches/markets Hospitality {restaurants, hotels, spas}. Our assignment is to try out new restaurants and see what the current and future design trends are, especially in the Seattle market {see last blog post – Seattle Scene. eat v9}. We are looking from a designer’s point of view, but the food is a nice bonus. Yesterday, my favorite day Friday Eve, we went to a special place Lark. We discovered that Lark is the new Black.


Lark 2.0 opened it’s doors in early December of 2014. It is located in the Central Agency Building of Capitol Hill. Last night, Savanna and I visited the space to wine and dine and we absolutely loved it.  Our senses were stimulated in every way. We saw a modern, rustic space with the tall ceilings, large big windows, and dozen of Edison lights that made the space sparkle. From the outside, the space glowed and from the inside the sparkle experience was amazing.  We touched the rich textures of the dark plush mohair upholstered tufted booths paired with rich rustic wood.  When you enter Lark you immediately see the open kitchen which connects the dining experience to the chef’s cooking experience and diners can hear the kitchen at work. We also heard familiar bands from the Seattle music scene which included The Head and the Heart, Fleet Foxes, and Band of Horses.  Lastly, smell and taste – hands down we both agreed that our meal at Lark was the best meal we had in 2014.  Lark is special to us because our firm (Gensler) designed it.  We are very proud of this space.  Lead Designer Robert Cippollone designed the space to reflect the characteristics of Lark’s original space with the warm wood and subtle textures and colors. We absolutely loved our Lark experience. I would describe it as “romantical” and a perfect date spot. The top floor has a more casual vibe with communal tables and the metal topped bar. It’s an ideal place for a intimate private party.  We LOVE it. Here is a glimpse…

imageimageSeattle Scene. eat.v10Seattle Scene. eat.v10Seattle Scene. eat.v10

We had a very late dinner and took pictures at the end of the night. Trust me the place was busy and packed.  Did I mention the food was to die for? We met head Chef John Sundstrom. He was nice to come visit us during our meal.  Chef Sundstrom has been recognized as one of the best chefs of Seattle and in 2007 won the James Beard Award for Best Chef of the Northwest.   We had wine and amazing food…

Durigutti Malbec, AR 2012
Burrata with Treviso, Billy’s honey, rosemary, olive oil croutons
Pleasant View foie gras terrine, pear vanilla comopote, brioche
Agnolotti with smoked ricotta, rosemary, dates and brown butter
Veal sweetbreak fricasse, farro grits cake, goat cheese, pickled peppers

Seattle Scene. eat.v10Seattle Scene. eat.v10Seattle Scene. eat.v10Seattle Scene. eat. v10

and more…

Seattle Scene. eat v10Seattle Scene. eat.v10

until next year…xoxo


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  1. Steph,
    I LOVED the design and I the foods look amazing! I’m so sorry Annie doesn’t live in Capital Hill anymore (or in Seattle) as I know we would be there! Thanks for sharing the experience!!!

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