366 Polaroids // Week 14, 17 ?!?!

I’ve been horrible with keeping up with my 366 Polaroid Project. Life has been so amazing, but also so busy. I’ve been neglecting my project and now I’m trying to get back on track. Here are random Polaroids I’ve taken in the last month. No particular order, no dates documented – just a moment in life. xoxo – SADV

polaroid_00-26polaroid_00 polaroid_01-21 polaroid_00-21 polaroid_03-16 polaroid_01-22 polaroid_00-22 polaroid_04-7 polaroid_03-17 polaroid_02-22 polaroid_01-23 polaroid_00-23 polaroid_02-23 polaroid_01-24 polaroid_00-24 polaroid_04-8 polaroid_03-18 polaroid_04-9 polaroid_03-19 polaroid_02-24 polaroid_01-25 polaroid_00-25 polaroid_04-10 polaroid_03-20 polaroid_02-25 polaroid_01-26

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