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Week in Pictures {curious} + {brave}

Week in Pictures {curious} + {brave}
Beverly and I circa 2012 at her baby shower

Hello. We continue the Photo Project for 2014 – the random photos that I take throughout the week will embody a theme. In 2013 it was all about The Polaroid Project. If you haven’t seen The Polaroid Project video, please visit the post. This week I asked my best friend {Beverly} to give me the word for the week. She decided to give me two words {curious} + {brave}. Both of the words were inspired by her little son Theo.  Here is a glimpse of my week…


Week in PicturesWeek in PicturesWeek in Picturesimage{brave}

Week in PicturesWeek in PicturesWeek in PicturesWeek in Pictures

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Seattle Scene. eat.v9

Seattle Scene. eat.v9

This is Seattle Scene. eat. v9. Hello again. The duo is back. Myself and guest blogger {Savanna} try a new Seattle hot spot for our reoccurring feature – the Seattle Scene. At the firm that we work at, we are part of a team that researches/markets Hospitality {restaurants, hotels, spas}. Our assignment is to try out new restaurants and see what the current and future design trends are, especially in the Seattle market {see last blog post – Seattle Scene. eat v8}. We are looking from a designer’s point of view, but the food is a nice bonus. Yesterday we ventured to Broadway and dined at Corretto – Trattoria and Bar.


Corretto opened its doors mid April of this year. The popular Foodie Source site Eater recommended this restaurant to us via it’s Eater Hot Map. Owner Travis Rosenthal launched the new trendy Italian restaurant in the Spring in Seattle’s East Broadway area. Executive Chef Laura Licona joins his team and adds her twist on Italian comfort food to the mix. Corretto translates to “corrected coffee” where Corretto bar pairs espresso with Italian grappa, amari, and other Italian liquors. Here is a glimpse…

Seattle Scene. eat.v9Seattle Scene. eat.v9Seattle Scene. eat.v9

A stylish cafe by day and an Italian restaurant by night; the vibe of the Corretto is eclectic chic. Many antique finds decorate the space, which is a trend we see in a lot of Seattle’s restaurants. A handsome Gentleman’s navy blue is seen throughout the space and paired with the Modern Vintage graphic black and white wallpaper.

What did we eat?

Antipasti – Bruschetta Cannellini {white bean pate, balsamic tomato salsa, crisped leeks, grilled crostini}
Primi /Pasta – Gnocchi Al Pesto {fresh gnocchi and our waiter substituted our sauce}
Secondi/Entree – Agnello {three lamb chops, farro, pickled fennel, arugula, toasted almonds, basil oil}
Dessert – Limoncello Cheesecake {amaretti brown butter crust, seasonal berries}

Seattle Scene. eat.v9Seattle Scene. eat.v9Seattle Scene. eat.v9Seattle Scene. eat.v9

until next time…..xoxo

Seattle Scene. eat.v9Seattle Scene. eat.v9

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Sarah Jessica Parker // 73 questions

73 questions

Sarah Jessica Parker shared a little glimpse of her New York town home. The 48-year-old Sex and the City star let Vogue magazine film a 73 question interview.  This 5 minute interview is so Sarah Jessica Parker, New York chic-witty. The questions come to her fast and she answers ALL with no hesitation.  I love when she gave a little sass when asked the question, “heels or flats?”. That question doesn’t even need to be asked. Watch this cute and charming video of Sarah Jessica Parker answering 73 questions in new West Village home.

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Week in Polaroids (Week 48)

Week in Polaroids Christmas Polaroids

The 2013 Polaroid Project continues.  For those new to the Sparkle blog,  I did this same project in 2010.  I absolutely love taking pictures and so I decided to do the project again for 2013. Here is the original blog post from earlier this year that describes more about my project. It’s pretty simple though, I take a photo of a daily moment and share it with you through Polaroids. Here is a glimpse of my week…

Polaroid | Nov 25Polaroid | Nov 26Polaroid | Nov 27Polaroid | Nov 28Polaroid | Nov 29Polaroid | Nov 30Polaroid | Dec 1

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Last Supper

Why do we have to say good-bye to the people we love? My dear friend Kara is starting a new chapter in her life. On Friday she is getting on a plane for Singapore and living there indefinitely. I will miss her dearly. I wish her well and wish nothing but the best for her. Last night we {Chelsea} {Kara} + {I} had our last dinner on Thanksgiving Eve. We had moments of giggles and tears and even a cameo for the famous pink lady. Here is a glimpse…

Last SupperLast SupperLast SupperLast SupperLast Supper

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Word & Word & Word & Word.

Actually it is more like…

Word &
Word &
Word &

This combination was made popular in 2001 by a design company from Japan called 2K/Gingham.  They designed a band shirt for the Beatles – John & Paul & Ringo & George. The popular bold t-shirt with Helvetica font has been an inspiration for other band shirts, pop culture, and fashion. Here is a glimpse of my favorites…

WordThe Original

Unicorn Words

For Lynn