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California Love


I decided to take the whole of month of October off. In the beginning of October I took a trip down south to California to visit friends/family and travel down the coast. My first stop was to see my lovely dear friend {Jennifer}.  It was so great to see her and meet her daughter {Penelope}. She is the cutest! I stayed with {Jennifer} and her awesome husband {Kosta} in San Mateo. They were such great hosts. Jennifer and I took lovely strolls down Burlingame Avenue, a lovely dinner in the city at Monsieur Benjamin, visiting beautiful Half Moon Bay and amazing playtime with little Penelope. I also was able to catch up with two of my cousins {Joey} & {Nina} for a nice dinner in Mountain View. It was a good night for the San Francisco Giants and such a great time seeing them because it’s been years!


My bestest friend {Crisa} met me in San Francisco later on that week for a girls road trip SF > LA. We had such an amazing time and saw how gorgeous the California Coast really is. For our first night, we had a lovely dinner in the city at Wayfare Tavern, a British-pub style eatery by Tyler Florence. After dinner we took a little city drive down the famous crooked street – Lombard and visited the famous painted ladies at night. We then drove down to Santa Cruz and stayed at the cute boutique hotel – Hotel Paradox.


The next morning we woke up and explored Santa Cruz. We traveled to the Boardwalk and then ventured down to Big Sur. I absolutely loved driving down Highway 1. It was so gorgeous – the views were absolutely breathtaking. We had lunch overlooking the ocean at Big Sur’s – Nepenthe.


From Big Sig we found our way to to a cute little town called Los Olivos for wine tasting. We just made it before they closed but left with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Saarloos House. A few miles away was a little Danish town called Solvang known for their Bear Claw Pastries and cute little clogs.  Lastly, we made it all the way to Santa Barbara for dinner at the Outpost at the Goodland Hotel. What a cute hotel!


That was an amazing road trip. California is so beautiful. I never get tired of looking at the ocean. The next day was a beach day and a Stephanie day. I went to Manhattan Beach with {Crisa} and her daughter {Chelsea}. She’s so adorable! I took a trip to the LA Museum – LACMA and saw the Guillermo Del Toro Exhibit. It was quite impressive!


That Sunday I drove down to San Diego to visit my good friend {Chelsea}.  We had a perfect Sunday of pedicures, lemonade and Pacific Beach. I loved going to the beach and hanging out on the pier to watch the surfers. It was a perfect Sunday!


california love.

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Roman Holiday


Rome was the last city on the European trip.  All roads lead to Rome.  We spent 2 days in Rome. We explored the city by night and saw the Pantheon, strolled the Piazza Novona, and saw the St. Peter’s Basilica twinkling at night. The next day we saw the beautiful Vatican and explored the Colosseum.  We ate delicious pasta and pizza and treated ourselves to gelato and delicious tiramisu.  Rome is such a beautiful city filled with rich art and impressive architecture.  When in Rome…RomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRome

arrivederci roma!

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oh florence!


The Italian adventure continues.  I spent one day in Florence and wandered around Piazza Santa Croce to the Piazza Della Signoria.  In a short amount of time I saw the Statue of David, Basilica of Santa Croce, Gucci Museum, wandered the cute streets for leather goods and gold, and of course more gelato. Here is a glimpse of beautiful Florence…


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Ciao Venice

VeniceHello. Last week I started sharing my European adventures with you.  We saw London, Paris, and a little bit of Switzerland.  This week it’s all about Italy.  Venice was a total love at first sight.  You get to Venice via boat and when I saw Venice for the first time I just thought it was completely breathtaking.  It’s really magical to see such a beautiful city via boat.  Venice is all about small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. Here is a glimpse of beautiful Venice…


and then we ventured to Burano


Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon.  The island is famous for lace and the colored houses. Legend has it that people in Burano painted their homes luminous colors so that the fishermen could see them even in the thick fog. This little island is so charming and is a must see. In every shop you will see Venetian masks and adorable little Pinocchio dolls.


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Grüezi Switzerland


Guten Morgen! (Good Morning in German {Switzerland}. Switzerland has 3 languages {German, Italian, and French} and it varies depending on what part of Switzerland you are in.  My European trip continues. We have been to London, Paris, and now we are in Lucerne, Switzerland.  I loved Switzerland. It was so pretty and picturesque. The city is definitely a biking city. There are bicycles everywhere. I so wanted one of the cute ones with the brown leather seat and little cute basket and a little bell of course. In Switzerland it is all about chocolates, watches and mountains.  Here is a little glimpse of Switzerland…


The next day we went to Stanserhorn Mountain. It was so amazing to go above the clouds and see the Swiss mountains from that high up. It was beyond gorgeous.


Next Stop Italy. I’ll be sharing pictures from Venice, Florence and Rome next week.

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bonjour Paris


Paris is a romantic and magical city. Paris is known for its beautiful architecture and its decadent sweets. Our first night we sailed along the river Sienne and saw Paris at night.  I love Paris at night. The city just sparkles. I loved sailing under the Paris bridges and seeing the beautifully lit architecture at night.  Everywhere you turn you can see people along the water taking a stroll, dancing, and eating. Petite cafés bursting onto the sidewalks of the Parisian streets. Magical…

Paris 1ParisParis

The next day was all about Crepes & Cafes and a visit to Notre Dame.


We strolled along the Sienne River. Visited the Love Locks Bridges starting at Paris’ point Zero.

ParisParisParisParisParisLater that day we went to the Eiffel Tower and strolled along the Champs de Elysee


At night, we visited the Red Light District for Parisian Cabaret and I ended the night eating Macarons in my hotel room.



Travel Bug

I have a big Europe trip planned in the fall and I’m getting so excited. I’m so overdue for a BIG TRIP.  I read an article this week from about Travel. I was curious as to which cities are most traveled to for 2015.  They provided a list 10 cities and I so want to go to each one. So far I have only been to once city on this list. However, by the end of the year, I will have been to 3 out of the 10.  Asian cities seemed to be the most popular to travel to. For 2015, here is a glimpse of the most popular travel cities from most popular…






New York




hong kong

{Images via Pinterest}


#instalove <3

Airbnb Instagram


hello. My #instalove for this week is Airbnb {@airbnb}. I love all the photos posted of people’s personal homes and scenic views around the world. I mean, obviously the goal is to put out little photo teasers so people will travel to these various cities and stay in these places. It’s definitely working! Some of the places featured in these pics are Mexico, Venice – both California and Italy, Tennessee, Iceland, Spain, France, Colorado, and Japan. Love it. Makes me get the travel bug. I’m planning on going to Europe this October so this gets me super excited! So travel more and see the world! #travel