Sunday Brunch

Sunday Brunch

Today I went to a Sunday Brunch and the theme of this brunch was preppy chic. Dress code: headbands. So of course, I tried my best to channel the lovely Miss Blair Waldorf with my ribbon headband, lace and jewels.  My friend {Savanna} hosted a brunch at her house and my friends {Sara} and {Rachel} were there as well. We enjoyed amazing food, Sunday talk and there even was a hair tutorial at the end. Here is a glimpse of our brunch…

The Menu

Mini Waffles w/ melted Brie, Bacon, Basil & topped with apricot Jam {Savanna}
Blueberry and Cherry Scones {Sara}
Cucumber Lox Bites + Fruit Donut skewers {Rachel}
Wonton cups filled with honey yogurt and blackberry mint {Stephanie}
+ Pink Champagne

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