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Seattle Scene. eat. v4

Hello again. We are back for our 4th installment of Seattle Scene. eat. v4. Myself {Stephanie} and guest blogger {Savanna} try a new Seattle hot spot for our reoccuring feature – the Seattle Scene. At the firm that we both work at, we are part of a team that researches/markets Hospitality {restaurants, hotels, spas}. Our assignment is to try out new restaurants and see what the current and future design trends are in the Seattle market {see last blog post – Seattle Scene. eat v3}. We are looking from a designer’s point of view, but the food is a nice bonus. Last Saturday we ventured to Ballard and experienced Barnacle.


Seattle Scene. eat. v4

Renee Erikson, a local Seattle chef opened her 4th restaurant Barnacle last month.  Erickson is the chef and co-owner of The Whale Wins, The Walrus and the Carpenter, and Boat Street Cafe. On top of that she also owns a food truck the Narwal.  The much anticipated Barnacle opened it’s doors in September and is located next to the Walrus and the Carpenter. Barnacle is an adjacent bar with that is no larger than 800 square feet. Within this small space you will find, a bar with a dozen stools, one booth, a standing bar, and no kitchen.  Cozy.  {Savanna} and I managed to get seats in the middle of the bar and we were able to take it in and see everything.

We wanted to mix it up a bit this round and share our experience of Barnacle via video.  Considering the small space, we found it challenging to take out the nice camera and snap photos. We spontaneously decided to prop the iPhone up on top of a water glass and film our visual point of view…

We definitely enjoyed our experience at Barnacle.  Erickson’s restaurants have the common denominator of light interiors with an open kitchen/bar.  You even feel that you are taken away to a new city; we felt that we were in a new place like San Francisco. The interior design of the space has a casual vibe and an authentic experience. We loved the details of the space and the employees even matched the space. Of course we also looked for purse hooks and of course we found them. It’s very important to girls.

SADV and Savanna

Until next time…xoxo

{Film by SADV + images via Eater}


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