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One thing that I am crazy obsessed with is my Beauty Blender. It’s this little pink sponge that I carry around with me and it’s always in my purse.  I kept reading about this award-winning makeup sponge that blogs and makeup artists swear by.  Last year, I decided to try it and see what all the hype was about.  It really is the best makeup applicator and very different from your ordinary beauty sponge. Why is this sponge so amazing?  It ultimately gives anyone a flawless even coverage. It has a soft texture and elliptical shape which allows liquid foundation to blend into skin for a natural finish and no streaks.  You must wet the sponge before applying your makeup and it will double in size.  It’s so amazing!  I used the round end for all over coverage and use the pointy side for concentrated areas like under my eyes and the side of my nose. People question whether the $20 is worth it.  I questioned it too and I say yes it is worth it.  I do replace it every 3 months and I get super excited when I get a new fresh, pink beauty blender.

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I recently purchased a drug store version of a makeup sponge blender by Studio 35. Appearance-wise, the sponges look similar, both pink. The Studio 35 Sponge was a bit curvier.  The first day, I used the Studio 35 blender I knew right away that it didn’t even come close to the original Beauty Blender.  This sponge is super dense and when wet it isn’t as flexible as the original and stays super dense. It’s quite difficult to get that even coverage especially around certain curves of the face. The Studio 35 sponge also absorbed the foundation and wasted much of the product. I only used the Studio 35 sponge for 1 day and went back to the original Beauty Blender the next. I feel the Beauty Blender truly blends the best and is TOTALLY worth spending the $20.  Until next Monday – xoxo SADV

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