Grüezi Switzerland


Guten Morgen! (Good Morning in German {Switzerland}. Switzerland has 3 languages {German, Italian, and French} and it varies depending on what part of Switzerland you are in.  My European trip continues. We have been to London, Paris, and now we are in Lucerne, Switzerland.  I loved Switzerland. It was so pretty and picturesque. The city is definitely a biking city. There are bicycles everywhere. I so wanted one of the cute ones with the brown leather seat and little cute basket and a little bell of course. In Switzerland it is all about chocolates, watches and mountains.  Here is a little glimpse of Switzerland…


The next day we went to Stanserhorn Mountain. It was so amazing to go above the clouds and see the Swiss mountains from that high up. It was beyond gorgeous.


Next Stop Italy. I’ll be sharing pictures from Venice, Florence and Rome next week.

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