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Fall Beauty. Ins and Outs

Fall Beauty

New York Fashion week introduced us to the beauty trends for Fall 2013. What is “IN” and what can we do with”OUT”? Let’s start with HAIR. Say good-bye to polished, prim and proper sock buns. The trend is taking an exit out the door. The new black for hair is deconstruction. Dolce & Gabanna was all about the deconstructed hair bun. It exudes a simple, messy elegance. Other hair trends that were debuted were the wet hair look and semi-wet hair look. Not a big fan of the wet hair look. It doesn’t work for me. The LIP. It’s all about nude, natural hue lips. In Summer I was all about the bright raspberry/fuschia lip. I’m going to miss this and can’t promise to put it away all together. What about NAILS? Spring and summer we saw neon, pattern, mix and match for the nail trends. The chevron nail art stickers and neon is definitely out. In Autumn, we will see neutrals from rich raisin to soft pink – still variation, but think more classic and fall for your finger tips. Lastly the EYES. The cat eye is out of the beauty box. The trend that we see for fall is soft liner on the upper eye or no liner and it’s all about the under liner and think blue! This is just a beauty guide from NY Fashion Week — follow the trends, don’t follow the trends – makeup is art, express yourself.


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