degrees of separation

6th degreesImages via Tumbler

Tonight was movie night with one of my favorite movie partners {KARA}. We went to see the movie Warm Bodies. I had a hint of what the movie was about – zombies and love. Warm Bodies was a pleasant surprise. The movie had suspense, comedy and romance which is perfect for both males and females. It’s not your typical movie. It’s based on a book written by Seattle author – Isaac Marion.  This movie embodies Zombie love and it’s very touching. Apparently zombies are the new vampires.

On a second note. We also realized tonight – the degrees of separation.  The main character is Nicholas Hoult.

Nicholas Hoult co-stars with Dave Franco (James Franco’s younger brother). Dave Franco looks like a young version of Dermot Mulroney. Don’t you think? Nicholas Hoult was also the young boy in the movie About a Boy with co-star Hugh Grant.  Hugh Grant stars in Love Actually with co-star Colin Firth. Love that move Love Actually – by the way. Colin Firth and Nicholas Hoult were both in the movie A Single Man. Tom Ford directed and styled the movie A Single Man. Last Tom Ford was just in a recent blog post {see blog post }. Full Circle.

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