project 2015 // wk. 46 // ultrapop


Hello. project 2015 continues and we have reached wk. 046. project 2015 showcases a different photo filter/style weekly. This week was all about the app UltraPop.  This was a fun app to use – but I admit a little glitchy.  Loved experimenting with shapes and retro colors. I can’t believe we are already in November. What an interesting year it has been so far…here is a glimpse of my week…


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i heart chocolate

National Chocolate Day

Happy National Chocolate Day! In honor of today’s chocolate celebration, I’m sharing a recipe and photos of a delicious chocolate cake I baked this weekend for a special birthday.  I have never baked a cake before, but I found that making a cake is just like making a very large cupcake (and cupcakes I know!). The cake I baked is called Beatty’s Chocolate Cake. The only thing I added was a layer caramel between the two tiers and also at the top before the frosting. What I do know is that quality ingredients are important – a must! I was so pleased on how the cake turned out and tasted. Here is a glimpse of my first cake…

National Chocolate DayNational Chocolate DayNational Chocolate Day

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Pumpkin Party

Pumpkin Patch

Last Friday Eve {Christopher Rocco} and I ventured to the country to visit Bob’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Farm. Deciding to go on a Thursday was the best idea – we practically had the corn maze and pumpkin farm all to ourselves.  The sun was out and it was unbelievably perfect weather for pumpkin picking. Loved all the fall colors and everything was just so scenic. We had such an amazing day. Autumn has really officially arrived. Here is a glimpse of our pumpkin party…

Pumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch 13Pumpkin Patch 9Pumpkin PatchPumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch

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Roman Holiday


Rome was the last city on the European trip.  All roads lead to Rome.  We spent 2 days in Rome. We explored the city by night and saw the Pantheon, strolled the Piazza Novona, and saw the St. Peter’s Basilica twinkling at night. The next day we saw the beautiful Vatican and explored the Colosseum.  We ate delicious pasta and pizza and treated ourselves to gelato and delicious tiramisu.  Rome is such a beautiful city filled with rich art and impressive architecture.  When in Rome…RomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRomeRome

arrivederci roma!

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oh florence!


The Italian adventure continues.  I spent one day in Florence and wandered around Piazza Santa Croce to the Piazza Della Signoria.  In a short amount of time I saw the Statue of David, Basilica of Santa Croce, Gucci Museum, wandered the cute streets for leather goods and gold, and of course more gelato. Here is a glimpse of beautiful Florence…


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Ciao Venice

VeniceHello. Last week I started sharing my European adventures with you.  We saw London, Paris, and a little bit of Switzerland.  This week it’s all about Italy.  Venice was a total love at first sight.  You get to Venice via boat and when I saw Venice for the first time I just thought it was completely breathtaking.  It’s really magical to see such a beautiful city via boat.  Venice is all about small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. Here is a glimpse of beautiful Venice…


and then we ventured to Burano


Burano is an island in the Venetian Lagoon.  The island is famous for lace and the colored houses. Legend has it that people in Burano painted their homes luminous colors so that the fishermen could see them even in the thick fog. This little island is so charming and is a must see. In every shop you will see Venetian masks and adorable little Pinocchio dolls.


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Grüezi Switzerland


Guten Morgen! (Good Morning in German {Switzerland}. Switzerland has 3 languages {German, Italian, and French} and it varies depending on what part of Switzerland you are in.  My European trip continues. We have been to London, Paris, and now we are in Lucerne, Switzerland.  I loved Switzerland. It was so pretty and picturesque. The city is definitely a biking city. There are bicycles everywhere. I so wanted one of the cute ones with the brown leather seat and little cute basket and a little bell of course. In Switzerland it is all about chocolates, watches and mountains.  Here is a little glimpse of Switzerland…


The next day we went to Stanserhorn Mountain. It was so amazing to go above the clouds and see the Swiss mountains from that high up. It was beyond gorgeous.


Next Stop Italy. I’ll be sharing pictures from Venice, Florence and Rome next week.

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bonjour Paris


Paris is a romantic and magical city. Paris is known for its beautiful architecture and its decadent sweets. Our first night we sailed along the river Sienne and saw Paris at night.  I love Paris at night. The city just sparkles. I loved sailing under the Paris bridges and seeing the beautifully lit architecture at night.  Everywhere you turn you can see people along the water taking a stroll, dancing, and eating. Petite cafés bursting onto the sidewalks of the Parisian streets. Magical…

Paris 1ParisParis

The next day was all about Crepes & Cafes and a visit to Notre Dame.


We strolled along the Sienne River. Visited the Love Locks Bridges starting at Paris’ point Zero.

ParisParisParisParisParisLater that day we went to the Eiffel Tower and strolled along the Champs de Elysee


At night, we visited the Red Light District for Parisian Cabaret and I ended the night eating Macarons in my hotel room.


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hello London


Hello my lovelies. I’ve missed you! I’m back from Europe. My trip was so magical. This trip was in celebration of my mom’s retirement. Congratulations to her and I’m so lucky to have been able to celebrate with her. I loved everything that I saw and the people I met.  I’ll be sharing my trip with you city by city. London was the first city. I so loved London and I think I would say it’s one of my favorite cities I visited so far. I could so see myself living there.  Here is a glimpse of my London…

London SignLondon

I loved the signage. London had beautiful graphics all throughout the city.  Our first night, we wandered through Carnaby Street and had a lovely dinner at Sketch.

London 3LondonLondonLondonLondon 8LondonLondonLondon

The next day we explored more of the city…


And more London…

London EyeLondonLondon 17London

And then we boarded a boat to Paris…See you in Paris.


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sweet elliot // photo shoot

Seattle photography

Happy Weekend Sparkles! Elliot is turning 1 this month. Crazy how fast a year goes by. Elliot is the daughter of my dear, dear friend {Keysha}.  We spent an afternoon at Seattle’s Volunteer Park and the weather was perfect for a park photo shoot.  This photo shoot was all about bows + balloons + ruffles. Little Elliot was so adorable and I loved taking photos of her.  To see all the photos, visit the online gallery.   Happy Birthday little Miss Elliot. You will be walking in no time. Here is a glimpse of the Sweet Elliot photo shoot

Seattle photographySeattle photographySeattle photographySeattle photographySeattle photographySeattle photographySeattle photographySeattle photography